Rotational Geometry Dump

A couple of months ago, I was fooling around with rotational geometry. These images are what came out of that.

a vector mandal


a vector picture of a chrysanthemum

It’s a cruddy looking chrysanthemum. I could have deleted it and no one would ever know how cruddy it was, but I’m strange, so bask in its cruddiness.

a vector picture of a lotus flower
Lotus Flower

It’s a lotus… or a waterlily. I was never sure what the difference between the two was.

a vector image of an eye-hurting thing

Why do I like making things that make people’s eyes hurt? I blame those Magic Eye books that were so popular in the 90s.

a vector picture of a complicated lotus flower
Complicated Lotus

Why with the so many petals? Feh. You don’t know from drawing flowers.

a blue vector image of a flower
Blue Flower

It is a flower. It is blue. Or, purple. Maybe, a bit green.